The ideal roaster for your Coffee Shop

Tostabar Genius K1, tostabar, tostatrice, tostatrice a banco, shop roaster
Tostabar Genius k1 is the only shop roaster in the world able to achieve perfect, fully automatic and constant coffee roasting and it does not require the presence of an operator during the process. All this with minimal energy use.
Genius K1 is powered by electricity, needs only 3.5 Kw and does not use GAS.


Genius k1 is the toaster equipped with a patented electronic control, the reduction of thermal inertia®, which self-regulates the amount of heat needed to roast the coffee following a perfect and constant cooking profile.


Tostabar K1 is the most reliable shop roaster. It can work continuously even 24 hours a day. At the end of a toasting, another cooking cycle can be started immediately without the need for any interval.


Tostabar Genius k1 is completely automatic: the roasted coffee is discharged and cooled at the end of the cycle without the need for operator intervention. The films that cover the beans are automatically collected in a special drawer.
All these features make Tostabar Genius K1, unequivocally, the ideal bar counter toaster.

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