The ideal shop roaster for medium-large productions

Tostabar Genius K3, tostabar, tostatrice, tostatrice a banco, shop roaster, tostatrice elettrica
Tostabar Genius K3 represents the ideal production tool for large coffee shops and small chains and combines all the advantages of compactness, automation and electronic control with the large toasting capacity of 4 kg per cycle.


Thanks to the technology used and the highly efficient insulation, Genius K3 also works with a rational use of electricity and without the use of gas, eliminating the risks of fire that may result.


Tostabar K3 combines technology and design; so Its vertical development allows it to be inserted in small spaces and used in an ergonomic way.
The presence of stainless steel along a large part of the machine body is the strongly characterizing element: a solid and robust machine.


Genius K3 is fully automatic: the coffee is roasted automatically following a roasting profile previously set without requiring the presence of an operator next to the machine.
As a result, at the end of each cycle, the roasted coffee is discharged into the special motorized tank, inside which the coffee is cooled and made available for storage within a few minutes.

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