Questions and Answers about Tostabar Genius

tostabar genius tostatrice da banco tostatrice elettrica

NOT WITH TOSTABAR. Thanks to a technology that allows the machine to automatically follow pre-set roasting profiles, it is impossible to miss a crush. At the same time, with experience, it is possible to learn how to draw one or more of one’s own toasting profiles.

Tostabar Genius is available in two versions:

– Genius K1: can toast from 0.8 to 1.4 kg per cycle.

– Genius K3: can toast from 1.8 to 4.5kg per cycle.

The roasting cycle is linked to the roasting profile, therefore, depending on the desired result in the cup, the cycle can last from 12 to 20 minutes.

Of course, but the result in the cup can be an espresso with a slightly unstable cream: it is preferable to leave the coffee in degassing for a week, away from light.

Tostabar Genius has reduced absorption and does not need GAS to function.

The requirements, however, are:

– Genius K1: 3,5Kw 220V

– Genius K3: 12Kw 380V

Thanks to the patented “thermal inertia abatement” system, Tostabar modulates electricity by absorbing up to 30% of its maximum power when the machine is hot.

Tostabar Genius K1:

– Width: 62cm

– Depth: 72 cm

– Height: 99cm

– Weight: 110 Kg

Tostabar Genius K3:

– Width: 70cm

– Depth: 103cm (including cooling tank)

– Height: 165cm

– Weight: 200 Kg

TOSTABAR has been designed to be installed on sight: the best results in terms of sales increases that can go from 30% up to 300% more are obtained with a visible Tostabar installation.

Ing. Napoli & C., through its trading company, Don Fernandos Trading, is responsible for producing fine blends and single origins of raw coffee and for shipping them to all parts of Europe with a very efficient service.